June 15, 2024 ÚÑÈí

Unconverted Products

1. Velour quality:
The crème de la crème of our tissue paper! It can be used in all types of converted products requesting top quality chlorine free virgin fibers, with extreme softness and very high brightness. Ideal for facial grades and niche products.

2. Special quality:
Our best-selling tissue paper grade. Made from chlorine free virgin fibers suitable for all types of converted products (Toilet, Kitchen, Napkin, Facial , pocket, c fold, heavy interfolded, away from home rolls and products). This grade is the best value for money product you can get, with top class characteristics. Tailor made characteristics for specific end products requirements are available for our discrete customers.

3. New quality:
With our new quality grade you can enjoy the brightness along with the economical price. Magic mixtures of virgin fibers with specially treated white shavings give you a perfect economical alternative for all grades, but mainly toilet rolls and kitchen towels.

4. Green quality:
Now we are talking Green!  Yes… save virgin fibers and the environment and go green with this grade made from 100% recycled fibers.

5. Zita quality:
Saving virgin fibers is ESSENTIAL & this grade LOVES TREES! Let your customers enjoy a good final product that loves the trees and the environment with a COMPETITIVE price Try this grade and experience the best seller 100% recycled product, treated at very high temperature exceeding 450C.


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