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“Quality is the our commitment to our customers and our path to market Success”

In Flora, Quality isn’t a slogan but rather a mission that deeply believed in by all employees. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are Flora’s goals and are positioned on the top of its priorities. Quality management is our path to achieve such goals.

At Flora, we apply quality in everything we do, starting with product quality and ending with creating the best environment to our staff. Our quality products were a major market enabler to grow our local market share with and increase our exports through international markets. Besides being certified quality organization, we have built our own quality assurance and quality control.

Our Quality Assurance

Being a leader in the paper tissues industry worldwide has enriched our experience with quality management. We have adopted all international standards and added our own experience to ensure we have the right quality methodologies and assurance in place.  We have carefully defined our quality assurance processes in every aspect through the product manufacturing.

Our quality assurance covers the following elements:

  • People
  • Machinery
  • Raw material
  • Packing
  • Distribution

At Flora we strive to continuously improve quality. We adopt the Plan, Do, Act and Check model where we do the right planning for our products quality, implement the quality standards and we check and verify such quality to spot areas of quality improvements and/or corrective actions required.  Setting high standards has always positioned our products on top of competition and Quality has become our market reputation.

Our Quality Control

In Flora we apply various quality control techniques to improve the quality of the process by reducing its variability. A range of techniques are available to control product or process quality. These include tools, acceptance sampling, quality function deployment and cause and effect analysis.

  • General Quality Inspections
    FLORA quality departments verifies conformance of products through detailed testing in Quality labs for:
       - Design conformance
       - Properties and specifications
       - Machinery performance
       - Product reliability

  • Product Inspections
    By performing pre-shipping quality inspections, Products quality unconformities are discovered and eliminated. We target the lowest defected percentage through our distributed and shipped products. The process of inspection always goes through refinements based on defects type and analysis. Corrective actions are applied to further lower the defect percentage in future production.

  • Factory Audits
    Factory audits are performed periodically at various levels to ensure the discovery of potential machinery problems, Preventive maintenance are performed according to schedule, staff adherence to quality guidelines and safety procedures.

  • Corrective Actions
    Flora quality department owns the overall quality processes (Assurance) and quality Inspections (Control).  Quality department is always seeking new quality standards and updating its quality processes. All quality inspections results in corrective actions that are generated as quality improvements recommendations for various departments for consideration and applications.

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