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Flora Work Environment

At Flora, we are very keen to provide a cooperative and productive work environment, we believe in teamwork, support, collaboration, passion and excellence. Our staff is proud to tell others that they worked at Flora Factory, highlighting a fun and cooperative work environment, great communication, and great bosses as key sources of pride.


  • We are keen to develop a cultural and emotional climate that are ultimately positive and supportive.
  • We ensure providing constructive feedback in a way that emphasizes positives, rather Than negatives.
  • We encourage our staff to give honest feedback to their supervisors.
  • Everybody feels challenged and inspired through assignments and stretching their abilities.
  • Every employee is expected to be Innovative and encouraged to take the initiative.
  • Providing and applying a non-contradictory policies and procedures.
  • We train our staff to perceive problems as challenges, rather than obstacles.

Inclusion and Acceptance

  • We encourage and promote inclusion and ensure everybody feels as part of the team; everybody feels accepted for the person he is.
  • We treat our employees with courtesy; we listen to, and invite them to express their thoughts.
  • Open door policy is our management style; all employees can express their thoughts and feelings to the upper administration.


  • We provide continuous skills development to our staff through structured trainings and on the job training.
  • We expose our technical staff to the latest technologies in the field of paper making.
  • We ensure that every employee has a well-developed and planned career path and we help them achieve that


  • Spread the feeling of security and safety
  • Provide transparency and honesty with openness
  • Continuously explains and illustrates the vision
  • Care about our employees’ health and well-being
  • Provide continuous coaching and leadership to stimulate productivity.
  • We predict and provide preventive methods to ensure safety and a hazard free environment.

Rewarding programs

  • We have a very strong rewarding program that continuously encourage our staff to be creative to provide out of the box solutions for challenges they face 
  • Our rewarding system provides the right level of recognition to our productive staff.
  • The rewards for success are greater than the rebuke.
  • Our staff efforts are recognized and acknowledged in tangible ways.

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