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Welcome To Flora - Pyramids Paper Mills

Flora - Pyramids Paper Mills S.A.E is a leading producer, converter, and exporter of tissue paper in North Africa, the Mediterranean, and many other countries in Europe.
We are the leaders of tissue manufacturing in the Egyptian market and we have been distinguished as number one choice of the Egyptian families.
Our quality products have always defined new standards for others to follow In Flora we care about our customers and distributors.

High Quality Product

Flora Is The Choice

Our unconverted products

Special quality: Our best-selling tissue paper grade. Made from chlorine free virgin fibers suitable for all types of converted products (Bathroom, Kitchen, Napkin, Facial , pocket, c fold, heavy interfolded, away from home rolls and products). This grade is the best value for money product you can get, with top class characteristics. Tailor made characteristics for specific end products requirements are available for our discrete customers.   Read more...

The choice of Egyptian families

Flora products are the number one choice of the Egyptian families. The market is attached to the quality bond we manage to create. At flora, we always respond to the market needs, catering for its needs.  Our products exist in each home, schools, hospital and restaurant. Our pocket products are becoming a necessity to everyone.

Save money with the longest

We understand your needs; we made the longest toilet in the market with 60 meter long White.

Product Feedback

Your feedback about our products and services is very valuable for us and allow us to improve our quality.
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